No Guidance Lyrics | English Song

Before I Die I’m Tryna F** You Baby
Hopefully We Don’t Have No Babies
I Don’t Even Wanna Go Back Home
Hopefully I Don’t Leave U On Your Own
Trips That You Planing
For The Next Whole Week
Bands Too Long For
A Nigga So Cheap
And Your Flex OD And Your Sex OD
You Got It Girl You Got It Ayy
You Got It Girl You Got Yeah

Pretty Lil’ Thing You Got A Bag And
Now You Wilding You Just Took It Off
The Lot No Mileage Way They Hitting You
The DM Looking Violent
Talking Why You Come
Around And Now They Silent
Flew The Coop At 17 No Guidance
You Be Staying Low But You Know
What The Vibes Is
Ain’t Never Got You Nowhere Being Modest
Popping Shit But Only Coz
You Know You’re Popping
You Got It Girl U Got It Ayy
You Got It Girl You Got It

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